Hydrotherapy Pools

Hydrotherapy Pools
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Length 10-30ft Breath 10 Feet Depth 2.5-4.5 Feet



As the name suggests, Hydrotherapy Swimming Pools are one that are used for providing hydrotherapy to users. Also known as Prefabricated Swimming Pools, these are made using fiberglass. These pools are fitted with various equipments such as:

Air bubblers and air jets for massage

  • Counter current machines
  • Easy accessibility stairs
  • Heating systems for hot baths and cold baths
  • Water exercises like underwater cycle, underwater treadmill, pull cords etc
It is well known that exercising in the water helps in prevention of muscle strains, so there is no risk of injury. Hydrotherapy Swimming Pools are recommended by medical professionals since hydrotherapy also helps in treatment of arthritis, joint pain etc.

Specifications –

  • Length - 10 Feet-30 Feet
  • Breadth – 10 Feet
  • Depth-  2.5-4.5 Feet
  • Color- Blue or as per choice
  • Installation - fitted IN-Ground, Semi-In ground or Above ground
  • Fitted with –Heating/Cooling systems
  • Underwater Massage Jets
  • Easy Accessibility Stairs
  • Counter current Machines
  • Underwater cycles Underwater treadmill
  • Underwater Jacuzzi
  • Mineral Bath, Cold bath and Hot bath
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